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I KILLED HIM — September 2, 2015


It was some days ago the Father on His throne envisage a child to be formed,
One to live above the strife of the world,

But another most precious must be her propitiation,

To redeem the status before her birth

Her ancestors already fell.
Limitation of space fuels her,

Like kings she must radiate majesty without fear.

Her enemies are fallen like hail from heaven and humiliated

And as yeast she rises above confines of atmosphere, 

The downtrodden accuser must have nothing on her.
She will be worthy of the father’s love and her heart will delight in her God.

For her behalf I will give my only to redeem

Jesus, my essence will I offer up for her

That all that might destroy her will be put on Him

And her charge paid in full.
Now I am, the child the father reasoned out

One who all things have been freely given as gift

I am she who lives the Father’s plan and through knowledge discover His wonders

I am who Jehovah gave himself for,

I killed Jesus, so my father can have two

Jesus and I



The Blackberry device is still very much around and will continue to be for a long time to come. Tech lovers and conservative users of the device are still on the look- out for practically more improved OS, highly functional and user friendly versions of the device. For most users, the device basically changed their existence and so will still be existent in the same form as it does today. Even the blackberry CEO reminds the world of the corporation’s sustained existence alongside its market share in the tech world. For those long users and ardent fans of the blackberry device, it has become a tradition of some sort and even as the corporation was willing to share its OS platform with other competition, it still doesn’t change their loyalty to the device.  blackberry-passport-diagonal-100452886-large

In the event that the smartphone maker wants to build an android based device, it may actually be the PRAGUEPowered by Android. However, customers of the smartphone device seem to love the idea of an Android-based BlackBerry being introduced. BlackBerry is said to be considering equipping a future smartphone with the Google Android software, a response that its refurbished line of devices has failed to garner the essential mass appeal. In essence, if the smartphone maker is considering the idea of launching an Android-based device of its own, it would practically be conveying signal to cynics about its self-confidence in the BES12 system being not only able to manage, but also secure other existing smartphones and tablets run by rival operating systems. From rumours and leaks available, it is evident that the smartphone maker will most probably use Android on one of its upcoming slider devices which is likely to hit the stables around autumn. The slider will look to combine a touch screen with a physical keyboard for users which to me practically means going back to its foundations just like when it had the sporty, sleek QWERTY keys. The point about building an android based device on the blackberry platform is that it will invariably have to be an android device that offers a large touchscreen and a physical keyboard of its own. From here, BlackBerry will so much hope to catch more of that niche in the touchscreen-dominated Android market. I however believe that the new –to-be-made android device will so fascinate and appeal to those still using much previous blackberry keyboard handhelds but who would want easy- to- use access to the superior application options offered on the Android platform. The Hardware Backlog- To look critically at this issue, if the smartphone maker decides to go ahead with the plan to launch a blackberry Android device, it could practically come with some of the prevalent features in the BlackBerry 10 OS. Blackberry allowed its popular BlackBerry Messaging app open up to rivals using parallel operating systems, and has also maintained that it desires to offer more in-house features on other rival devices, including the BlackBerry Hub and the predictive text capabilities of its virtual keyboard amongst others. The Impact on Blackberry users- The move to build an android based device by the smartphone maker will offer a wonderful experience to its many users. This will then mean opening up to Androids unbeatable host of apps from Google Play as well as from other Third Party app providers. However, amazing blackberry softwares will not be left out of the user experience, and with a more robust user interface, the software maker plans to bring more of its software to rival platforms to be known as the BlackBerry Experience Suite. The Good and the Bad- I believe the Blackberry operating system is a lot more stable and user friendly compared to both the Android and IOS. However, if the smartphone maker wants to remain relevant in the scheme of things, they need to make this concession and get on the android platform. The blackberry OS is already been touted as the best OS, it’s just a matter of advertising and pitching their OS ahead of competition. So basically, even if it goes ahead with the Android based device it is advocating, the dream may not live long enough to stifle competition and grab a larger market share. blackberry-kopi-0

However, the smartphone maker is about to take a heavy leap of faith in its quest to re-strategize and secure a larger market share with its intention build an android based device and offer more of the physical keyboards to users, which according to tech pundits is in a bid to redirect the corporation’s future.



The HS 35 camera is a raw- capable EXR super zoom ultra compact digital camera. A combination of of well advanced technologies to enable a high sensitivity to ISO 12800 and fast continuous shooting of up to 11 frames per second. It features a practically re-designed 16MP back lit CMOS sensor with a fujinon 30x optical zoom lens alongside a 1080p30 video recording function. HS35

The HS35 comes with a 1/2 – inch BSI EXR CMOS sensor to enable it produce high quality imagery and performance. Users have applauded it’s manual lens focus function saying it has a more professional look and well made with the same weight as a DSLR. The HS35 is presumed to be the best option for portrait, street and sports photography because of its image stabilization, raw shooting capability, manual exposure mode coupled with an in-built electronic viewfinder.  HS35F

That’s not all, the HS35 weighs 687g with external dimensions of 131x97x126mm and when compared with other cameras in its class, size isn’t a setback. It also offers exceptional wide angle capacity due to its 24mm focal length and it’s highly remarkable super telephoto reach put at 720mm.


The HS 35 camera is a raw- capable EXR super zoom ultra compact digital camera. A combination of of well advanced technologies to enable a high sensitivity to ISO 12800 and fast continuous shooting of up to 11 frames per second. It features a practically re-designed 16MP back lit CMOS sensor with a fujinon 30x optical zoom lens alongside a 1080p30 video recording function.

The HS35 comes with a 1/2 – inch BSI EXR CMOS sensor to enable it produce high quality imagery and performance. Users have applauded it’s manual lens focus function saying it has a more professional look and well made with the same weight as a DSLR. The HS35 is presumed to be the best option for portrait, street and sports photography because of its image stabilization, raw shooting capability, manual exposure mode coupled with an in-built electronic viewfinder.

That’s not all, the HS35 weighs 687g with external dimensions of 131x97x126mm and when compared with other cameras in its class, size isn’t a setback. It also offers exceptional wide angle capacity due to its 24mm focal length and it’s highly remarkable super telephoto reach put at 720mm.



When looking for a witty, more advanced usage option camera, look to the Cannon G16. Although it still maintains the same chunky design of its predecessor. The G16 measures 3 by 4.3 by 1.6inches in optical viewfinder as well as a top- mounted exposure compensation dial quite unlike some of its competition. Due to the advanced nature of its sensor size, the G16 practically boasts 50% more surface area than standard compact cameras. powershot2The G16 uses a 28-140mm or 35mm equivalent f/1.8-2.8 lens that seeks to cover a wide range of angles. Loaded with its own physical controls, the G16 comes with a front control wheel, a mode dial, ISO physical control buttons, start movie recording, engage exposure lock, activate macro focusing, adjust flash output, move the active autofocus point and so much more.


 The good news is that you have the advanced option of transferring photos as well as videos to smartphones while connecting directly from your G16 to Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Twitter once you have Cannon Image Gateway account. The G16 takes an in focus image in just under 1.8 seconds while recording a minimal 0.1 second shutter lag and can capture JPG photo continuously at an average of 10 frames per second. It also records video at a considerable time frame of up to 1080p60 quality in MP4 format with crisp and sharp footage and comes with accurate colours.



Wanting to keep your days, weeks and months on a busy schedule, here are a couple of links to help you effectively decide on which event to attend. Events such at science & tech events, educational events, religious events, telecoms events, fashion events,music events, sports events, business events, film & media, health events, charity events and so much more. It promises to be engaging, informative, and highly entertaining. Most of the events scheduled are FREE.COM while some are practically for a little fee and in the event that you cannot find any weekly program to attend or keep busy, the weekend promises a host of other events. Take a look at the upcoming events and make a choice. It’s practically worth your time.














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For those who are regular visitors to the UK, Birmingham is basically the UK’s second largest and most populous city outside London. Most visitors are not aware that approximately 80% of the population of the UK can reach Birmingham in record time of 90 minutes. Birmingham has got quite a lot to offer to visitors and tourists as the city lies in the middle of the country and to most residents, is ranked as the best city in the UK. Here are the top 5 events Birmingham has to offer: The CRUFTS is a top- notch annual event and practically billed as the world’s greatest dog show as it features a series of dog events, exhibitions as well as competitions. Crufts is a four day event which takes place at the NEC Birmingham from March 6 to 9 and brings together some 22,000 amazing dogs competing for Best appearance in Show while it graces the most wonderful audiences from all around the world. ST. PATRICK’S BIRMINGHAM FETIVAL lovers of magnificently organized parades grace this festival just as the whole city of Birmingham rallies behind the event to make it a resounding success. Established in Digibeth in the year 1996 as a non- profit organization and organised by a group of volunteers all the way down from the Irish community. There’s usually world class music, amazing variety of food and fun at the festival running from March 1 to 16, and on its final day, parade takes the center stage. WHISKY BIRMINGHAM FESTIVAL This is otherwise called the city of Birmingham’s festival of whisky which brings together amazing global whisky brands with local collaborators for a fantastic day of dramming at the Birmingham city centre in UK. Pouring at the festival practically begins at noon at the BOND, Digbeth, having world renowned brands and their audiences in attendance. FLATPACK FILM FESTIVAL For those film lovers, the flatpack Film Festival takes place at strategic venues across the city of Birmingham, UK, from March 20th to 30th. This is relatively a freewheeling celebration of amazing films lined up in venues across Birmingham. The festival was said to have attracted over 9,000 people with live events as well as interactive exhibitions and there to be live scores, late night parties, etc.. THE GADGET SHOW to the tech geeks as well as pundits, this annual tech event tends to bring the prime time TV show to life displaying the very best in cutting edge technology to a vast audience where they are able to get the newest tech gadgets in the market on hands. Takes place from April the 9th to 13th in the NEC Super Theatre as tech is brought to life with audience competitions and gaming challenges

There are amazing reasons why visitors and tourists visit Birmingham and this is due to its annual events, wonderfully organized and puts the city high among fun filled tourist destinations.

Events in the city of Birmingham makes it a curious destination for visitors and tourists and these top five events are like a trademark for those who are regular visitors to the UK’s most amazing and populous city.

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Why Buy Prescription Specs Online —

Why Buy Prescription Specs Online

The online market place has made the purchase of products a lot easier and so deciding to buy prescription spectacles online has never been any easier since it practically offers people all the necessary details and information required before a purchase. However, most

online stores enable bupspecs4yers save up to 80% on their purchase and according to research, there are up to 19 sites found to be selling prescription spectacles or basically glasses meant for reading.

Asides being easy to buy, you can make a purchase by using your optician’s prescription to get your specs from any available online store. For some buyers, going for online prescription specs could cost them quite a lot especially if it has to do with vision correction specs or reading specs. There is the usually popular prescription specs people purchase like the singe- vision or multi – focal (e.g bi-focal, tri – focal) specs. This means that buyers must be very specific about the type of prescription specs they require so they don’t end up wasting their hard earned money and time. Due to the flexibility in making a purchase of prescription specs online, buyers prefer the option of having their item delivered to their location without moving an inch. The online purchase platform is another alternative to the physical stores even as most people who require direct attention still make it to the physical store to get examined.


Buying prescription specs online has never been more interesting even as it has its advantages and disadvantages. Some online stores who trade in specs offer first pair of glasses free while others offer a discount on your first purchase which has practically kept buyers coming back regularly. It is actually beneficial having to buy specs online as it offers a wide variety of options in both style and price. To most people, ordering their specs online is more an easy option as it also comes with a 365 days warranty. It seems a more convenient solution for others as it helps them save money on their purchase.

Online purchase has since become a growing trend and independent designers as well as discount retailers are using this opportunity to create the best options in price and style. They are also working hard to make the online store more user friendly for those who have chosen the online market place as a more viable option in terms of navigation and easy payment gateways. The online malls or stores for specs are generally made to provide every possible choice in terms of what customers require without having to go through stress in the selection process. Categories are provided as well as designer names easily recognisable to enable buyers narrow down their search and exit the portal in record time. These prescription specs are also assessed by optometrists who liaise with store owners just in case buyers require the services of one before deciding which to go for. This invariably makes it easy for buyers to make informed decisions in record time without recourse to physically visiting an optician to ascertain which and what type of prescription specs that best suits them.

Holes In Your Argument — July 7, 2015

Holes In Your Argument

I almost couldn’t believe you. You actually and sincerely believe that Scripture was an ancient reference to aliens??? If that was the case, then even Daniel (in the book of Daniel), Prophet Ezekiel (in the book of Ezekiel) and Apostle John (in the book of Revelations) on the island of Patmos must have all encountered “Alien” visions. Let’s not be disingenuous here.
That interpretation is so esoteric it is unknown to Bible Scholars. Again, all the Bible Scholars in all of Christian history must have missed what ONLY you discovered. They missed the “Alien from outer space” hermeneutics in their theology classes.

One rule of interpretation is that you cannot interpret an ancient text, more so the Bible, anachronistically. You just cannot. The test is:

If you never knew or grew up in a Culture that popularizes alien existence, would you have interpreted those Scriptures to mean extraterrestrials from other galaxies? Would you ?

If you answer this question as honestly as you should, you would see my point and the holes in your argument.



Self harm training for teachers has proven to be very effective and productive strategy in terms of offering the technical know- how in which teachers or trained personnel are able to identify and manage early symptoms with expected results. This may be the same personnel as an approved or designated Child -Protection member of staff, or entirely someone else, while it might also be possible to have both male and female staff-members. Below are the very few things for teachers to remember when attending to issues of this nature:
1. People from different walks of life or of any age can be affected.
2. It affects people from all backgrounds and demographic groups.
3. It affects both the male and female gender.
If a victim opens up to tell about their situation, it means they trust the person enough to be willing to share this problem. Teachers must also be aware that some other victims will simply want to be heard and empathised with, and so they must try not to push them by asking sensitive questions that may overwhelm them. Some people may just want to get further help with their problems and in this case a professional may be able to help in a number of ways. Experts have enumerated on some of the known signs that someone is self – injuring, which are: People who self-injure often go to great lengths to conceal their injuries so it can be hard to know if a person does self-injure: People who self-injure can seem withdrawn or depressed: You may notice cuts or bruises that are always accompanied by excuses that don’t seem to fit: Many people who self-injure will cut their arms and so they may wear clothes to conceal them, even when it is very hot. One can actually find very helpful self harm training resources for teachers which help them effectively identify and manage issues relating to self injury among students. Below are some of the training resources available to teachers:
1. Information for children and young people about self-injury and suicide
2. Help For Self Harm
3. Boosting Self – Esteem
4. Self-Injury – a short guide for Schools and Teachers
The issue of childhood neglect is the most prevalent form of child maltreatment and its long term effects are many and serious. It can come through any means, from leaving a child home alone to even the very worst cases where a child dies from conditions of malnutrition. Neglect is simply seen as the ongoing failure or inability to meet a child’s basic needs, as they may be left hungry, without adequate clothing and shelter, supervision, medical or health care. While neglect may be relatively harder to define or to detect when compared to other forms of child maltreatment, child welfare professionals have since created common categories of neglect to include physical neglect; medical neglect; inadequate supervision; environmental, emotional and educationally.
In the case of emotional distress, it is said to involve some kind of conduct which is so terrible that it causes severe emotional trauma in the victim. Some of the early symptoms of emotional distress can appear through the following ways: issues with sleeping, which means sleeping more than expected or less than usual, if they can’t ordinarily fall asleep or wake up after quite a few hours and can’t sleep any longer, it shows signs and symptoms of emotional distress in the life of the individual. Another symptom is the constant weight fluctuations coupled with frequent changes in eating patterns.

A more serious symptom is compulsive or obsessive behaviour, meaning the compulsion to do a lot of things even when there are no logical reasons for it, then it is said that the person has more anxiety prevalent in their life than the body can actually handle. In an attempt to analyze self harm as a near dangerous condition, we can see it is relatively synonymous with terms such as deliberate self injury. It is seen as an act with a non-fatal result in which persons intentionally harms themselves through a number of methods. Many young people do say that it is a way of dealing with emotional pain which they struggle to talk to others about.

It can be hard for family, friends, and professionals to handle a young person’s disclosure of self-harm but the reaction a young person receives when they eventually speak up on their condition can have or be a deciding factor as to whether they can go on to access medical services. For some, it can be the only way that they can ask for help and yet many avoid it because of their fear of how they will be treated. Self-esteem is seen as the level of emotional value, importance or worth individuals place on themselves. Self-esteem can practically impact a person’s beliefs about what they can achieve in life, what they deserve in relationships, as well as how they approach challenging.
Finally, self-esteem is highly vital to a strong and healthy relationship with oneself. Self-esteem begins to manifest in childhood stages and relatively involves feelings of love and acceptance by others.